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8 to 8 Barbershop

Address: 2 Northfield Avenue
Phone: 973-325-1888
Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am to 8pm
Closed: Sundays & Tuesdays
Address: 2 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ

Walk-ins are always welcomed.
Appointments available Monday thru Friday.
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8 to 8 Barber Shop has continued to be a forward thinking hair therapy barber shop. We are a full-service salon offering personalized hair & massage therapy services to men, women and children. We provide the classical barber shop experience with all the modern accouterments, in a family-friendly environment.

8 to 8 Barber Shop’s mission is to provide outstanding services and be a refuge for clients to escape from day-to-day challenges; financial security for cosmetology professionals; a community hub where individuals can benefit from meaningful relationships; and help to those in need.